Innovative design combined with the highest level of traditional craftsmanship, Hansen Tomlinson is able to achieve the sought after design aesthetic each client brings to the table. Whether crafting a home for a family seeking an interactive environment or designing a retreat for those ready to embrace retirement, we cultivate both our client’s ideas and needs to achieve the living environment of their dreams. We approach every project with the same passion that has led us throughout our combined 95 years experience in the residential home building industry. This long-term success results from an essential connection of hands-on construction experience and collaborative design which is tailored to maximize financial resources allocated to each project. Carefully designed homes are successful when married to the context in which they reside. Integration with the terrain and surrounding neighborhood – be it other homes, forests, mountains, lakes or rivers – means our clients reap the reward of a home woven into its unique surroundings. Our Team’s careful study of the site not only enhances the home’s sustainability but also adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Building Standards

We believe that building standards are essential to the construction process. Our team builds according to the International Building Code (IBC) as well as state and local building codes and regulations (Montana DEQ, Minnesota Environmental Services, etc.). All of our homes are designed with passive or active radon mitigation systems. Our mission is to build homes that provide each client with a healthy and safe environment.